How to Handle Ultimatums in Relationships

Many people are uncertain of how to deal with ultimatums in relationships. In fact , many romantic relationship experts believe that they can essentially damage a relationship.

Receiving Frustrated and Desperate

It isn’t really uncommon for individuals in romances to look insecure and irritated that they’re not getting what exactly they want out of a relationship. This often leads to all of them issuing ultimatums as a last-ditch attempt, says marriage and family unit therapist Ashley Starwood, LCSW.

They’re Sort of Trash

Whilst it may seem like a wise decision to give someone an ultimatum in order to get what they want, is easier that these tactics don’t job very well. Actually they can be harming, according to therapist Jessica Pausic.

What’s worse, they don’t support if they work. Instead, they result in the person being manipulated and forced to choose between their particular wants and their partner’s needs.

The Problem with Ultimatums

The biggest reason why ultimatums don’t operate is because offered from the place of fear. When somebody feels afraid that the partner won’t value them, they will feel compelled to try to force those to do something they don’t want to do, Knutson told TODAY.

If it is the case, it has crucial for you to consider why they’re using an ultimatum in the first place and what the underlying needs are. This can help you understand their motivation and make it easier for you to work alongside them on finding a more beneficial way to fix the issue, she contributes.