PEMa Solution

Despite its natural resource abundance, with studies suggesting that Nepal could theoretically develop up to 100 GW of commercially viable renewable energy generating assets – the reality is that only a fraction has been developed to date.

With peak electricity demand outstripping domestic supply by 2 to 1 in the dry season, Nepal suffers from a chronic energy deficit.

It does not have to be this way. After analysis into Nepal’s supply curve, the electricity deficit in the peak hours manifested as the biggest issue.

We have since developed a Peak Energy Management (PEMa) solution that aims to address the above using a combination of solar energy and batteries.

PEMa Phase 1

DHE is developing the PEMa solution using solar PV and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) to fill Nepal’s seasonal and peak supply gaps.

DHE aims to combine up to 150 MW of solar PV and up to 80 MWh of battery storage solutions to supply energy to Nepali grid when it needs the most.

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