About Us


Dolma Group is one of Nepal's largest FDI investors and has investment experience across diverse sectors.

Dolma Group was founded in 2003 to promote sustainable investment in Nepal through its impact fund, renewable energy developer and foundation, stimulating prosperity and climate change mitigation in Nepal and the Himalayan region.

The Dolma Group is dedicated to growth in frontier markets, starting in Nepal, and consists of the following four organizations:

Dolma Himalayan Energy Dolma Himalayan Energy is a UK-based investment platform and developer for renewable energy and battery storage systems in the Hindukush-Himalayan region.

DHE will originate renewable energy assets, crowd in climate finance to develop and operate large utility scale projects. The platform will use structured project finance by blending grants, equity, and commercial debt. The development stage of projects will be supported by grants and equity while the construction and operation stages will be funded by a combination of equity and debt. Dolma Himalayan Energy has deep understanding of mountain ecosystems and it is willing to underwrite early-stage risks in projects that will support the needs of the local communities. Fungibility of capital is ensured by securitizing and monetizing portfolio assets. www.dolmaenergy.com

Dolma Impact Fund ( DIF ) is an international private equity fund providing capital and expertise to growth companies in Nepal. With an asset size of US$ 107, across Dolma Impact Fund I and II, it is the largest private equity impact investment firm focused on Nepal. The Fund provides growth capital to small and medium sized enterprises ("SMEs"), and renewable energy projects in Nepal's energy, healthcare, and technology sectors, contributing to Nepal's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It has implemented international standards for E&S, corporate governance, investment management and reporting at fund manager and portfolio level. FMO, IFC, DFC, CDC (BII), SwedFund, amongst others, are partners.

Dolma Foundation A non-profit, promoting prosperity by investing in education and sustainable businesses in Nepal that are too risky for the private sector. Dolma Foundation is focused on alleviating poverty by providing education, health, and impact investment to the most marginalized communities. The foundation also runs programmes on Eco-Tourism to create a sustainable environment for the local communities, the proceeds from which go to our children's education program run by the foundation.

Dolma Consultancy is the advisory arm of Dolma Group. It works with Banking and Financial Institutions, Corporates, and Development partners in Nepal to prepare their institutions and projects for access to international capital. It undertakes business transformation, capital market structuring, and program management activities. Current & past engagements are with DFIs (FMO, DFC, CDC (BII), Donors (USAID, FCDO), banking and financial institutions, and MNCs. Dolma Consultancy is working with FMO for mainstreaming ESG in Banks and Hydropower developers in Nepal. Their work in river conservation is unique and the company is working in the Karnali Basin, is attempting to raise an Impact fund for investing in river basin activities.